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Congratulations to Gail Hatton who is our new member of the month :).

Gail had the following to say:

Pro-Life gym thank you, I have only been a member for a month and can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made regarding managing my mental health problems. My main goal was to de-stress and after losing 94 pounds at Michelle Darcy’s Weight Watchers class which is held at Pro-Life every Friday morning, I wanted to tone up and tighten up loose skin but the benefits have went much further than I could of ever imagined. For nearly 25 years I have experienced high levels of anxiety which comes along with Schizo affective Bipolar disorder and even leaving the house was stressful,the thought of going to the gym was terrifying me but after my first visit which was a tour of the amazing facilities and meeting a few staff members I began to believe that this is something I Could Do!

The staff are amazing,warm non-judgmental,encouraging,funny and so friendly it rubbed off on me instantly. Within one week all my fears flew away,the high levels of stress I have been living with for over 25 years almost non-existent. On week 2 I even wore a short sleeved top which exposed my self harm scars,that I haven’t shown to anyone Ever,not even my own doctor, I feel I have been freed from one of my biggest demons. A big thank you to the gym member who inspired me to do it, ( you know who you are X ). For the first time in a long time I have confidence in myself and my abilities . I want to let people know that this is the best place to come to in order to deal with stress or mental health problems.

I was told a week ago by my soul mate that they are seeing the old me gain,happier and more confident and almost stress free. Thank you to all staff and big shout out to Amanda. Pro-Life gym thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you to fellow gym members who have talked to me and encouraged me.

To anyone with mental health issues or health problems or fears about the gym, Please Please pop down to Pro-Life gym, you will not regret it xx

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