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Our very own PT Peter Kennedy has come up with the Pro-Fit Gym Challenge which I think we should refer to as the Hateful 8 lol.

Peter has designed this to be a distance or reps for time challenge and there are 8 stations to complete in full each for 5 minute duration with the goal being most reps or distance in the 5 minutes. This is a tough one and utilises a lot of our new machines and Peter is going to run through to set a time as pace maker.

The Hateful 8 is as follows:

1. 5 minutes on the Rowing machine, level 10 resistance – Aim for your best distance in the 5 minutes.
2. 5 minutes of Deadlift with the Hex bar, Choose from Option 1 Body Weight + 25KG BAR or Option 2 of 1/2 Body Weight + 25KG bar. Aim for your highest reps achieved over the 5 minutes.
3. 5 minutes on the Air Bike, legs & arms, no legs only option, resistance is created by you – Aim for your best distance in five minutes.
4. 5 minutes of Bench Press, Olympic bar, choose from option 1 of 1/2 Body Weight (inclusive of 20KG bar) or Option 2 of 1/4 Body weight (inclusive of 20KG bar) Lightest weight permitted is bar only.
5. 5 minutes on the curved treadmill – aim for greatest distance in the five minutes.
6. 5 minutes of dumb bell military press, choose from Option 1 of 1/2 body weight or Option 2 of 1/4 body weight – aim for greatest reps in 5 minutes.
7. 5 minutes on the Versa climber, set the handles in line with shoulder height and aim for your best distance in the five minutes.
8. 5 minutes of Prowler runs, choose from Option 1 of 1/2 body weight + weight of sled at 25KG or Option 2 of 1/4 body weight + weight of the sled at 25KG.

Pete has suggested that each individual taking part run through 1 element per week and record their best time/reps performance at the end of that week before changing to the next, so one week the Rower, next week Deadlift etc However you do not have to do it this way and can choose to run through the entire list for the 8 weeks until it’s close on the 29th Oct.

Peter will also create a competition version with amended timescales/reps etc for those who wish to compete in the challenge on the 29th Oct, he will post up info on this before the end of the week.

One things for sure…this will definitely help us all shed the post holiday weight! Good Luck Everyone! Let’s get ripped!

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