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Hot foot into the New Year & take ten steps to greatness for charity!

We are looking for 30 volunteers to take part in an amazing and life affirming event to raise funds for Renfrewshire Sports Charity by completing the Firewalk of Champions hosted by Headstrong on
Saturday 13th January at 3pm
at Pro-Life Fitness Centre.

The Walk of Champions is your opportunity to discover just how amazing you can be as you take part in a life defining evening that will stay with you forever, teach you how to conquer your fears and help you let go of whatever has been holding you back. You will feel motivated and liberated in an event full of like minded people who wish to kick start the new year full of positive energy AND you get to walk over 15 foot of hot coals reaching temperatures exceeding 800 degrees!

To register or for more information please contact our helpful team on
0141 889 5027 or email’

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