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‘Pro-Life has always had a long standing reputation as being one of the best equipped gyms in Scotland and this is definitely due to our largest and most popular area of the club our Strength and conditioning zone. 

With a history of producing amazing strength, power and body building competitors we have to ensure that we are providing our very knowledgeable members with everything they need to perform at the highest level and we have made sure that this is the case with our huge range of Cybex VR3 conditioning machines, our multiple bench press, squat racks  and smith machines, our max rack & lifting platforms we have designed an area which caters to every need.

Our extensive range Hammerstrength machines are the best quality strength kit in the industry and added to this we have a huge amount of olympic bars and plates as well as 5 amazing sets of dumbells ranging from as light as 5kg up to as heavy as 60kg, we literally have it all hence the reason we are classed as a  centre of excellence and are used as a show site for all of the major commercial equipment suppliers in Scotland. ‘