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It’s great to have all our members back after lockdown! All facilities are now fully open and our fabulous gym is starting to feel much more normal again.


If you have lost your job or your income as a result of Coronavirus and you are already a member, we invite you to take up a complimentary membership until you get back in your feet. Our members have supported us over 30 years since we stared as a small fledgling business and, as a charity, we feel this is the right thing to do – give back to those who supported us. Contact us at
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About Pro-Life Fitness Centre

Pro-Life Fitness Centre is totally unique in every way and what makes us so unique are the people you meet here.

Pro Life Fitness Centre is the trading name of Renfrewshire Sports Charity – a unique type of fitness centre operating in the heart of Paisley. What makes us different? We think it’s 3 things. Firstly our members and staff are the best there are and the gym if one of the friendliest you will find anywhere. Secondly we have amazing facilities to suit a wide range of fitness and sporting disciplines. But what makes us truly unique is that we exist for different reasons than commercial gyms. All surpluses from our trading goes to local charities – The Accord Hospice in Paisley and St Vincent’s Hospice in Johnstone. Plus we support a range of local sporting talents with free training facilities and sponsorship.

And that is what makes us the “Best Gym in Scotland” and “UK Strength Gym of the Year”.