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Xxtra Leg Room

Are you ready to level up your leg day game? Our Xxtra Legroom is the place you want to be in Renfrewshire for the Rolls Royce of leg machines. We’ve invested in Life Fitness’ top of the range equipment, Hammer Strength making us one of a handful of performance centres in the UK. Come and try our full range of squat machines from Pendulum Squat to Cissy Squat as well as the new seated hamstring, glute, hamstring and leg extension plus all the other equipment you’d expect from Scotland’s Best Gym. Don’t settle for ordinary leg days when you can experience our Xxtra ordinary leg days in our Xxtra Leg Room.

Main Gym Floor

We proudly present ourselves as a Hammer Strength Performance Centre where you can reach peak performance. Our extensive collection of Hammer Strength equipment is designed to elevate your upper body workouts to new heights. Everything you need to train your upper body is out on the main gym floor, all set out in muscle groups and body parts to make your training easy. In addition to our impressive Hammer Strength equipment, we have also invested in state-of-the-art Cybex machines. Whether you’re aiming to build strength, our Cybex machines complement our Hammer Strength machines perfectly. At Pro-Life, we believe in offering you a comprehensive upper body workout, combining the best of both worlds with Hammer Strength and Cybex to help you reach your fitness goals effectively and efficiently.

Upper Body Zone

We’ve always had the reputation as being one of the best equipped gyms in Scotland – no other gym has a better range of equipment to train your upper body in so many different ways. Everything you need to train your upper body is out on the main gym floor, all set out in muscle groups and body parts to make your training easy. We’ve got a wide range of Cybex V3 conditioning machines, lots of new Hammer Strength machines including low ISO down, reverse lat machine, seated tricep and much more. There’s benches and bars and plates as well a wide range of olympic bars and 5 sets of dumbbells ranging from 5kg-60kg.

Upper Level

On our upper level, we have created a space dedicated to your abdominal strength and functioning training needs. This area offers a wide range of equipment including abdominal machines, stability balls and resistance bands, all chosen to target your core. Elevate your fitness game with our functional training equipment, perfect for full body conditioning. We’ve got kettlebells, battle ropes, stability balls, power bags, kettlebells, bands, weights and mats.

Cardio Floor

What gym would be complete without an extensive cardio zone? Here at Pro Life we’ve got everything you need to work up a sweat and get that heart pumping,. Choose from over 50 pieces of Startrac and Cybex equipment – treadmills, natural runners, recumbent, upright and ai bikes plus the stair mill, cross trainers, arc trainers and of course, Concept 2 rowing machines! A great range of equipment for those looking from steady state cardio through to HIIT training. Cardio machines are heart rate monitor compliant and easy to use and provide workout stats so you can monitor your training intensity and progression as you go.


If boxing’s your thing then we’ve got it covered. Located on the upper floor is our boxing training zone, equipped with all the bags and equipment you’ll need to punch and kick your way through that workout. Pro Life has produced many excellent boxers over the years and many of them still train in the gym. Look out for the young up and coming boxing sensation Cash Farooq who does his strength and conditioning training at Pro Life.

Cybex Expressway

On our upper level, we have created our cybex expressway which is a great way to train key muscle groups. When time is short or you just want to make sure you hit all key body parts, jump upstairs to our Cybex Expressway and you will find a full body workout in on easy loop! This is a great place for beginners and also offers a great vantage point of what’s going on in the gym.

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