Functional & Crossfit Zone

Our new Functional & Crossfit zone is complete and what an amazing addition to our already impressive facilities. This area is the ideal location for all of your functional fitness needs and comes jam packed with 3 multi purpose power lifting rigs and texan bars, battling ropes, sqyre, plyo boxes, power bags, kettle bells, slam balls, prowler sled, viprs, TRX stations and much much more. It is a fantastic area for all of our sponsored teams and athletes to use as well as our wonderful members and it is available to use around our functional and strength group exercise timetable.

Our great team of instructors and personal trainers provide updated workout’s.

HIIT Cardio Area

Our new High Intensity Interval Training cardio area is now fully complete and can be found located directly above reception. This area is equipped with 2 Speedfit curved treadmills, 2 Stairmaster Air Bikes, a Versa Climber and a Concept II rowing machine and is specifically designed for short intense bursts of cardiovascular training. The entire area should be used for no longer that 30 minutes (if you are doing a circuit accross the 6) although 20 minutes is the recommended and ideal time. For advice on HIIT training or to be shown how to use the equipment please contact club reception to book in with one of the team.

Strength & Conditioning

Pro-Life has always had a long standing reputation as being one of the best equipped gyms in Scotland and this is definitely due to our strength and conditioning zone which is spread across 2 floors and offers an extensive range of training equipment to suit all levels of fitness and sports as well as health related fitness.

We have a wide range of Cybex VR3 conditioning machines, multiple bench press machines, squat racks and smith machines as well as max rack and lifting platforms. For those less familiar with machines, simply put we have machines that will work all your major muscle groups and we will show you how to use them.

Our extensive range Hammerstrength machines are the best quality strength kit in the industry and we have a wide range of olympic bars and plates as well as 5 sets of dumbbells ranging from 5kg to 60kg, so there is rarely a shortage of equipment on our gym floor.

Cardio Area

Our extensive cardio area comes fully stocked with over 50 pieces of Startrac and Cybex equipment in the form of Treadmills, Arc Trainers, Natural Runners, Steppers & Stepmills, Recumbent & Upright Bikes and Concept ll Rowing Machines. Our cardio machines are heart rate monitor compatible, very easy to use and provide you with all of your workout stats so that you can monitor your training intensity & progession at all times.

There are Plasma Televisions positioned throughout the cardio area to provide entertainment and a welcome distraction whilst you pass the time and our team of helpful and friendly staff are always on hand to provide instruction on how to use the kit should you require them.

Boxing Area

Our Muhammad Ali inspired boxing zone can be located on the first floor next to our Cybex Expressway and comes fully equipped with a 6ft bag, two heavy bags, floor to ceiling ball, body opponent bag and 3 minute clock.

For those without equipment, we have a wide range of bag mitts, focus pads & skipping ropes available from reception and we have a variety of very talented boxers as members and sponsored athletes within the club who are more than happy to coach and give advice on boxing skills, training and technique.

Personal Training

Although memberships at Pro-Life mean that you can book in with one of our team of instructors regularly for bespoke nutrition or specific training programmes we also have an amazing group of Personal Trainers for those of you who require one to one training on a more frequent basis.

Our in house Personal Trainers all have specialist skills sets and come in the shape of:

For more information or to make an enquiry about any of our Personal Trainers please contact them directly.