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We are doing a sponsored “Lift The Waverley” challenge in the gym all day on Wednesday 16th December. We need at least 30 people to take part but are looking for as many as possible and require names confirmed by Monday 16th November.

It weighs 693 tonnes, this has never been done in a day before as far as we’re aware and would be awesome to smash! Everyone who wants to take part must complete as many lifts as possible over 3 exercises – Bench Press, Deadlift & Squat. All reps are counted and total weight recorded, the challenge will start at 4.30am & finish at 10pm prompt.

As our goal is for everyone taking part to complete as many sets and reps as possible, the weights are realistic, however, we are aware that there are a few power lifters in the club who will comfortable lift more which they are more than welcome to do!

Male – Bench Press – Option 1 – 50KG, Option 2 – 70KG

Male – Squat – Option 1 – 60KG, Option 2 – 80KG

Male – Deadlift – Option 1 – 80KG, Option 2 – 100KG.

Female – Bench Press – Option 1 – 25KG, Option 2 – 35KG

Female – Squat – Option 1 – 30KG, Option 2 – 50KG

Female – Deadlift – Option 1 – 40KG, Option 2 – 60KG

We are super excited about this challenge and are really looking forward to the day. We will be providing plenty of refreshments to keep all participants re-fuelled as many wish to do 2 or 3 different sessions throughout the day. The Bench Press, Deadlift & Squat stations will be used throughout the entire day for the challenge only.

We’re now taking names at reception.. LETS DO THIS!!



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