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Big congratulations to our two fabulous members of the month, Ruth Orr & Jacqui Donaldson.. See what the ladies had to say below πŸ™‚

“I joined the gym in January 2010 after being a member of the David Lloyd for 13 yrs. Personally I find Pro-Life a very friendly gym & all the staff make you feel like one big happy family. Any questions you need answered they are always there to help & listen. Although I have been training for years, I think my body shape has improved immensely even at my age haha with training programmes from the gym staff, circuits & of course Sunday shredder . I have been lucky that I have never needed to diet but I do eat healthy with the help of nutrition programmes from the gym staff. My inspiration is that u can achieve your goals at any age so looking forward to the next 20 yrs of training.

~ Ruth

“Although I had been going regularly to the gym I was finding it difficult to shift the extra weight I wanted to lose, but with the help of the Pro-Life trainers, they got me back on track and set me up with a weight training programme, that I could work around my regular classes, plus they really helped me get on track with my diet. In just over two months I am virtually at my target weight, just in time for Christmas! The staff and the members keep you motivated, it’s a fantastic gym, with a great team and a really friendly atmosphere! Can’t rate it highly enough!”

~ Jaqcui

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